How to be an eco-friendly beach goer?

How to be an eco-friendly beach goer?

It’s summer, hot and sweaty, why not going to the beach? Have you ever thought about your behaviour when enjoying the beach?

Being an eco-friendly beach goer means minimizing acts that could harm the environment while still enjoying the moment.

There are a few easy tips you can follow to be the best citizen☀️

1. Chose a sustainable transportation

Biking, taking the train, the subway, or sharing a car (with your friends or strangers) are effortless ways to reduce your footprint and still appreciate the road and the landscape.

2. Pack carefully

Packing your own meal in a reusable container is the best way to reduce single use plastic from supermarket and also reduce the litter you might forget when leaving.

3. Stay on the indicated path

You might see indicators telling you to follow one road. This is to protect the plants and animals living on the beach. Avoid these roads to not cause any damage.

4. The choice of sunscreen

Sunscreen can harm the sea diversity as well as the corals that are already in danger. Sunscreens are still essential to protect yourself from skin cancer, but there are multiple brands on the market with natural ingredients, just go to your favourite drugstore and ask the pharmacist!

5. Do not feed the animals!

First, they might get sick or hurt from the human food. Then, they produce litter from the package you leave them which causes micro plastic going into the sea. Moreover, it causes disturbance as they will come back more frequently.

6. Stop littering!

If you still bring plastic to the beach, be careful when leaving and don’t forget to take back everything. Don’t throw anything on the outside bins as they are usually too small: your waste might get away and still pollute the beach.

7. Clean up effort

If you follow all of these tips, you might be interested in joining a beach cleaning event!

Who knows, maybe one will come soon 😊..

Enjoy the beaches, but more importantly, keep them healthy, so you can come back next time!

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