Fundação de Serralves

Together with the contemporary Art Museum Fundação de Serralves, we have designed an exclusive collection of scarves inspired by the enchanting centenary Serralves Park.

Each scarf tells a unique story. The architectural splendor of Serralves House, the celestial magic sculpture 'Sky is a Mirror' by Anish Kapoor, and the park's Lake.

These scarves go beyond mere accessories—they are wearable art, intricately designed with subtle patterns and natural tones.

But what makes them truly special is their commitment to environmental responsibility. The material is made made in a delicate and fine silky coming from the upcycling of marine plastic.

Castelo São Jorge

Exclusive Collection with Castle São Jorge

In a celebration of cultural richness and timeless elegance, Ethical Legend proudly introduces its exclusive collection in collaboration with the historic Castle São Jorge, in Lisbon.

Our upcycled scarves draw inspiration from the castle's enchanting surroundings—the famous peacock that graces its grounds, the sunset that you can witness from its heights, and the Portuguese tiles left on its walls. These elements converge in a collection that pays homage to Lisbon's heritage.

Located on top of the city’s hills, Castle São Jorge stands as a testament to Lisbon's storied past, dating back to its construction in the 11th century.

Castle São Jorge is the national monument of Lisbon and welcomes more than a million visitors per year. 

Visit this memorable museum and elevate your style with a touch of history.

Palau de la Música Catalana

Our upcycled scarves have found a new home within the walls of the Palau de la Música Catalana in the heart of Barcelona.

Palau de la Música is a modernist architectural concert hall. Designed by architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, it was built between 1905 and 1908 as a symbol of Catalonia's artistic and musical prowess. Concerts and other events take place everyday. 

More than half a million people attend this UNESCO World Heritage Site each year.

This collaboration is a testament to the museum's commitment to embracing local brands and offering more eco-friendly choices to its visitors. As the museum looks towards the future, it seeks to enrich its offerings with sustainable options that not only reflect Barcelona's cultural mosaic but also contribute to a greener and more responsible world.

Each scarf tells a story—a story of sustainable fashion, conscious design, and a harmonious blend of style and responsibility.

Casa Vicens

Gaudí meets Fashion: Ethical Legend Scarves at Casa Vicens

You can now find our gracing scarves the halls of Casa Vicens in Barcelona. This collaboration marks a celebration of style, sustainability, and the rich architectural legacy of this iconic museum.

Casa Vicens, designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, is a masterpiece of modernist architecture located in the heart of Barcelona. Originally built as a private residence between 1883 and 1888, it stands as one of Gaudí's earliest works, showcasing his innovative approach to design and his incorporation of vibrant colors and intricate details.

The inclusion of Ethical Legend scarves within Casa Vicens is a harmonious blend of contemporary fashion and historical artistry. Our scarves, inspired by nature and crafted with a commitment to ethical practices, resonate with the spirit of Gaudí's vision. As visitors explore the captivating rooms and gardens of Casa Vicens, they now have the opportunity to complement their experience with scarves that embody both elegance and sustainability.

The museum, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, invites individuals to immerse themselves in the evolution of modernist architecture and the creative genius of Antoni Gaudí.

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