Take a moment to breath, to travel back to the past and learn from the wiser and older generations their art of handcrafting with love and time.

We wanted to bring those principles back and thus inspire the current generations to consume less and better.

E Legend is a 100% sustainable Portuguese brand that reuses “deadstock” fabrics that used to belong to old collections and were abandoned in the factories of Portugal. These same fabrics were rescued and have gained another life.

They become new pieces that are “old-school”, generational, what we have called a "never-ending style" that does not change over time or fashions.

Upcycling : the reuse and transformation of a material into a completely different one, and the most important of all : into a better version.

Our multiuse satin scarfs are made from recycled plastic bottles.

One single piece and multiple ways to wear it.

As far as the imagination takes us.

Wear it as a top, belt, pirate's head scarf, "bag"and many more , up to your own style and creativity.

Not only are we helping to reduce the immense pollution on our planet's beaches and oceans, but we are also making it circulate back into other peoples' hands.

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