Ethical principles for the fashion industry.

More than reusing fabrics that were already produced - leftovers from other brands' collections or even recycled fabrics made from plastic waste we wanted to go further and fight againts the fast-fashion industry.

Everyday we hear a lot about fast fashion, about how the textil industry is one of the most polluted ones in the world, and how billions of people still buy pieces for one use only and how this affects our land and oceans.

The question to make now is: How to reduce this type of consumption and immense pollution in our planet?

1. Consume local. Next to your house, in your own country, where you know who is the person behind the "scene" and how controlled is the production made there.

2. Consume better and less. It's highly preferable to buy less quantity and instead look for more quality.  

3. Donate or resell. Offer or sell the pieces you don't want anymore and no longer use and give them the change to live another life. 

4. Be creative.

At E Legend we have designed scarfs (one piece only) that can be dressed in multiple ways. 

Discover below the various ways you can wear them: